Financial Bank

The Story:
After experiencing a high turnover of bank tellers, a national bank with more than 25 branches, began to understand the costs and risks. They instituted a requirement for consistent, professional customer engagement and started a review of their teller training program. They quickly found that existing teller training courses were not consistent in content; materials were missing; there were no live MICR documents; and an enormous amount of time was spent collecting, copying, collating and packaging training materials. Most disturbing, they found the class error rate was alarmingly high.

What We Provided:
Consultative Services, Printing , Design, Teller Training. Bradley Marketing Group provided a tailored Teller Training Program which reduced the time allocated for on -the-job- training; reduced overall training expenses; improved the quality of the training materials to reflect real-world scenarios; reduced in-class error rates; and provided a customized program that met the bank’s needs